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Chambers Almelöv Hjelmqvist is a law firm with many years of recognised experience over several areas of the law. We provide our clients with the best possible legal advice through senior lawyers at competitive rates.

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Vi har mångårig erfarenhet och gedigen affärsjuridisk kunskap och arbetar nära våra klienter för att ge bästa möjliga råd och stöd. 

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With a particular focus on general business law, dispute resolution, banking and finance law and intellectual property and marketing, we have what it takes to support our clients.

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We offer qualified advice through senior lawyers at competitive rates

Welcome to our firm

The firm was founded by three lawyers, each possessing decades of experience in providing legal advice in our respective fields at one of the largest law firms in Sweden. Without in any way jeopardizing quality, our aim is to provide expert legal advice at competitive rates within the framework of a smaller firm. We have extensive experience, focusing specifically on general commercial law, dispute resolution, banking and finance law, intellectual property, marketing law and maritime and aviation law. Through our network of contacts in Sweden and abroad, we also offer specialist expertise in other areas of practice.

business fields

Commercial law

Commercial law is a field which includes negotiations and a broad range of issues related to contracts, among other things. We work closely with our clients to provide advice and support in everything from the individual steps or parts of a business process to more overall responsibility for the entire process.

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Intellectual property law

We provide our clients with expert legal advice on securing intellectual property rights such as trademarks and copyrights. Furthermore, we also assist in litigation in order, for example, to prevent infringements of these rights.

Shipping and Aviation

We have many years of experience from all aspects of aviation and shipping, from the actual business carried out to disputes and litigation related to aviation and shipping.

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In business, it’s almost impossible to avoid, at some point, to end up in a conflict with business partners or perhaps another party on the market.

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Owe Hjelmqvist

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our team

Maria Chambers

Maria has a genuine passion for financing generally, and aviation financing in particular - an interest awakened early as in-house counsel at Scandinavian Airline System (SAS). Maria studied finance at Fordham University in New York. She also began her career as a lawyer at this time, working first at the New York office of Mannheimer Zetterlöf and subsequently at the same firm in Stockholm. After 5 years with the firm and after a merger (Mannheimer Swartling), Maria continued her carreer at Setterwalls law firm, which at that point in time had an active Aviation Group. Maria has represented clients in the leasing business as well as airlines, banks and lessors. Her legal services have involved leasing issues, general aviation matters, and regulatory issues.

"One of the world’s leading aviation lawyers"

In addition her work on aviation transactions, Maria has also been highly involved in legislative issues and had a major influence on the process surrounding Sweden's accession to the Cape Town Convention. Maria has assisted many clients in matters involving company law, particularly those relating to shareholders’ agreements and related issues. Her work at Chambers Almelöv & Hjelmqvist continues to involve work on aviation matters, including transactions as well as registration issues and other regulatory questions.

"Framtidens juridiska kunnande präglas av än mer kunskap på djupet"

Owe Hjelmqvist

Owe assists clients in the fields of business law, intellectual property law, media law, marketing and dispute resolution. Owe has over 25 years of experience assisting clients before public courts and arbitration tribunals.

"Leading expert" inom Entertainment Law -Who's Who Legal

One of Owe’s particular areas of focus is media and entertainment clients. Owe provides legal advice to arrangers of entertainment events, owners of public arenas, museeums, theaters, and clients in the music industry. His clients include The Stockholm City Theatre (Stockholms Stadsteater), Stockholm Globe Arena, Eurovision Song Contest 2016 and European Capital of Culture 2014.

Owe is appointed as a “leading expert” in the field of Entertainment Law by Who’s Who Legal and is a member of the editorial council of the World Sports Advocate.

Jörgen Almelöv

Jörgen has over 30 years of experience providing a broad range of expert legal advice to the shipping sector. He also has extensive arbitration experience (mostly as legal counsel but also as an arbitrator). Jörgen has been retained as legal counsel in major international arbitrations relating to the oil and gas industry. He has experience from institutional arbitrations as well as ad hoc arbitrations. Jörgen has worked with all types of issues relating to shipping, including financing matters. He has extensive experience with commercial related issues in shipping such as i.a. charterparties, pool agreements, joint-ventures, shareholders agreements, sale and purchase contracts and shipbuilding contracts He works regularly with international clients such as ship owning companies, charterers, managers, banks and insurance needs.

"Quick and very creative, with a lot of experience in international shipping"
- Chambers Europe 2015
"Jörgen Almelöv is described by some as "the best shipping lawyer in Sweden".
- Legal 500 2015
"Peers describe Jörgen Almelöv as ‘pragmatic and hugely experienced’ while clients enthuse that they ‘have only the best things to say about him’.”
- Chambers Europe 2012

Jörgens clients include Gotlandsbolaget, AtoB@C Shipping, Ålandsbanken, Danske Bank, Scandinavian Tank Storage, Baltic Offshore, Frederiet, Skuld, Swedish Club and Preem.

Jörgen Almelöv is a member of the board of directors of the Scandinavian Institute of Maritime Law at Oslo University. This is the leading academic institute in the Nordic countries for shipping, and oil and gas related legal issues. The Institute works closely with the business community. He is also the chairman of the Swedish Maritime Law Association, which is a part of CMI (the International Maritime Committee).

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